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Sheriff Clarke on Orlando: Law Enforcement Dropped the Ball

Watch the latest video at Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says law enforcement has not learned any lessons from 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and Fort Hood, and that law enforcement dropped the ball again in the wake of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting. “We are making the same

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New Sheriff in Town

“The middle-aged man in jeans ambles through the hotel lobby. His button-down shirt is untucked. The brim of his cowboy hat is embroidered with crossed pistols. His boots are made from the scaly skin of some pale reptile. This is what David A. Clarke Jr., sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin,

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Clarke Hillary

Sheriff Clarke: Hillary Makes Us Less Safe With ‘Foolish,’ ‘Naive’ Anti-Gun Rhetoric

Watch the latest video at Hillary Clinton has slammed Donald Trump in recent days for his position on gun control, claiming that the U.S. would immediately be a more dangerous place if the presumptive GOP nominee becomes president. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on “Fox and Friends” this

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