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‘I’m surprised she didn’t say “watermelon”!': Black Democratic sheriff blasts Hillary’s ‘hot sauce’ pandering to African-American voters as ‘dehumanizing’ and ‘disgusting’

A prominent African-American law enforcement official says Hillary Clinton engaged in ‘disgusting’ and ‘dehumanizing’ pandering to black voters when she told a trio of Harlem radio hosts that she never goes anywhere without hot sauce in her purse. ‘I’m surprised she didn’t say “watermelon” – just go all the way,’

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Clarke 4.11

Sheriff Clarke: ‘Best Thing About the Obama Presidency Is That It’s Coming to an End’

Watch the latest video at Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on “Fox and Friends” today that President Obama took office with three objectives: destroy American exceptionalism, obliterate the U.S. Constitution and eradicate the Republican Party. “He’s done pretty well with those three objectives, but he’s done nothing else

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Black Sheriff Says Hillary Clinton Should Return Margaret Sanger Award, Denounce Her Racism

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is no stranger to taking a pro-life position on abortion and highlighting how abortions disproportionately target black babies. Now, Clarke is asking pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to return an award from the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation named for its racist founder Margaret Sanger. In fact,

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